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Online Couples Therapy
Online Couples Counseling
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Online Marriage Counseling
Online Couples Therapy

We specialize in couples therapy and marriage counseling sessions to work through problem areas while teaching you skills to improve your communication at home. You will receive a comprehensive assessment that includes time with you together as well as time with each of you alone, a clear treatment plan, and feedback to clarify the goals we’ll be working toward in your sessions. Learn More.

Private Couple Counseling Sessions

Lisa Lund, MFT

Certified Gottman Therapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

A Couple’s Place

1036 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

Kentfield, CA 94904

(415) 721-4310

CGT Gottman Online Therapist

In addition to our availability of HIPAA Compliant Online Couples Counseling and Coaching, A Couple’s Place Counseling Center offers relationship therapy featuring couples therapy & marriage counseling, couples workshops and professional trainings to Marin County, California, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area including the communities of: San Rafael, Corte Madera, Fairfax, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Ross, San Anselmo, Sausalito, Tiburon, Belvedere, and Novato, California.

In addition to offering couples The Art & SCIENCE of Love - Weekend Retreat Couples Workshops (which are also eligible for continuing education units for professional clinicians), we train therapists to use research-based Gottman-Method couples therapy for their clientele with relationship issues.

Our other websites include for The Art & SCIENCE of Love - Weekend Retreat Couples Workshops and for therapists interested in learning Gottman-Method Couples Therapy.

Our clientele is diverse and includes married, cohabiting, straight and gay couples as well as individuals.

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You may be visiting this webpage because you realize that your marriage or relationship isn't where you want it to be. These feelings can range from missing the fondness and admiration that you once felt to a dramatic disconnect, such as happens with an affair or other crisis. Please don't assume that you are alone if this is the case because you are not. Many couples go through dramatic challenges in the lifetime of their relationship. This is true for healthy and unhealthy relationships. It is a positive sign that you are gathering information and taking an active approach to turning things around. Sometimes the strongest change agent of all is deciding that things need to change.

A Couple's Place is a counseling center for couples to learn science-based tools to keep your communication healthy and your relationship strong. ALL couples are welcomed at A Couple's Place including engaged, married, straight, gay and lesbian couples. Our approach spans the continuum from education to in-depth counseling using Gottman Method Couples Therapy that is designed to get results. We offer online and in-person private couple sessions, extended sessions, Gottman marathon therapy, pre-marital/pre-commitment packages, group sessions and weekend couple workshops & retreats. Learn More.

Workshops for Couples

The Art & SCIENCE of Love workshop is for couples wishing to strengthen their relationship. Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, it’s based on research spanning more than 3 decades and involving over 3,000 couples. You’ll learn what actually works in happy and stable relationships, including: how to foster respect, affection and closeness in your relationship; how to resolve conflict gridlocks, while keeping discussions calm; and how to strengthen and maintain success in your relationship. Learn More.

The Gottman Professional Workshops provide clinicians with research-based instruction and resources that can be used immediately in their practice. There are 3 levels in the Gottman Professional Training program. You may train in one, two, or all three levels. Each level provides you with a progressively deeper level of instruction and understanding. Completion of all 3 levels of this program concludes with the fourth and final level - the Certification Track, leading to your designation as a Certified Gottman Therapist. We are currently offering all three Levels of Gottman Training in scenic Marin County located in the San Francisco Bay Area. As these trainings do sell out, register early to insure availability for your selected date. Learn More.

Successful Corporations know that good relationships make for good business. That includes good relation-ships at home and good relationships at work. We provide on-site lectures and presentations, seminars and trainings, as well as online webinars to support employees on both fronts. 

Healthy home relationships can buffer a busy employee from a stressful job and that benefits everyone. We teach the research-based principles of The Sound Relationship House along with concrete tools to keep family relationships, with partner/spouse and children healthy and happy.

Healthy work relationships create an emotionally safe environment that inspires creativity and influence. We teach the concepts of the Sound Relationship House as applied to the work setting. Employees and managers are taught principles and tools that help build teamship, manage conflict and explore dreams and aspirations in positive and productive ways. Learn More

Lectures & Presentations for Business

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By making some small, but significant changes,

   you’ll be surprised at how fast things turn around.

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