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Lisa Lund, MFT

Certified Gottman Therapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

A Couple’s Place

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A Couple’s Place Counseling Center offers seminars, workshops and trainings on business relationships for  San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma County, CA, and the greater California San Francisco Bay Area. Upon request, Ms. Lund is available through-out the state and country.

Our other websites include aCouplesWorkshop.com for The Art & SCIENCE of Love - Weekend Retreat Couples Workshops and TrainingForCouplesTherapy.com for therapists interested in learning Gottman-Method Couples Therapy.

Our clientele is diverse and includes married, cohabiting, straight and gay couples as well as individuals.

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Successful Corporations know that good relationships make for good business. That includes good relation-ships at home and good relationships at work. Based on Dr. John Gottman’s relationship research, we provide employers on-site presentations including seminars and trainings to improve the interpersonal dynamics and communication skills of both workers and management. Choose from a variety of topics for both work and home relationships, such as...

Healthy work relationships create an emotionally safe environment that inspires creativity and influence. We teach the concepts of the Sound Relationship House as applied to the work setting. Employees and managers are taught principles and tools that help build teamship, manage conflict and explore dreams and aspirations in positive and productive ways. Seminar presentation topics include:

Seminar Presentation Topics for Business Relationships

The Sound Relationship Work Environment

Research studies consistently show that while compensation is important, it is not the most sited reason employees give for loving their jobs. Instead, employees most often site trusting the people they work with, having pride in their work and enjoying the people they work with as being essential factors of a great work environment.* This means that good work relationships make for happy employees. Learn the Gottman research-based steps to strengthening relationships, managing conflict and supporting dreams and aspirations so that you can provide a work environment your employees will say is a great one!

*The Great Place to Work Institute Metrics

Dealing with Conflict in the Work Environment

How do you handle conflict between working groups, employees, co-managers?  Conflict is not a comfortable area for many employers and it is often mishandled. Learn how to help the members of your team manage conflict well. In fact, teach them to use conflict as a starting point to process regrettable incidents, uncover dreams and meaning in opposing positions, and explore compromise from a place of mutual understanding. Keep your employees out of gridlock and in dialogue using relationship skills from The Gottman Institute.

Building Rituals of Connection

The yearly Christmas party can be a lot of fun but celebrating once a year is not going to create an enjoyable work environment for employees. Learn how to build small but meaningful rituals of connection into your daily or weekly employee meetings and routines. Research shows that it is the small things done often that build connection in relationships. Employees who feel connected to others at work are happier with their jobs.

Getting to Yes: The Art of Compromise

Help your managers and employees avoid gridlock! Teach them the "aikido" model of compromise. In the Japanese martial art Aikido two opposed forces are a big mistake. We must yield to win. In fact, you can only be influential if you accept influence. Learn the Gottman Art of Compromise Intervention and help your employees understand that while compromise is never perfect, there is power in honoring both your own and other's dreams.

Additional presentation topics are available. All presentation topics can be custom tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Contact us for further information.

The seminars offer an in-depth lecture supported by a slide presentation. They may also include one or more training exercises for the employees to perform. Like the lectures, a Q&A session follows the lecture and training. The seminars are typically held on-site, although are also perfect for off-site team building retreats.

The seminars are offered in a variety of formats*:

        90 min. - Single Topic Lecture plus training exercise and Q&A

        3 hour - This half-day session covers Two Topics plus exercises and Q&A

        6 hour - This full-day session covers Four Topics plus exercises and Q&A

        *Multiple day sessions are also available - please contact us for further information.

Seminars and Trainings

The Lectures are presented typically as a “Lunch and Learn” or similar format for employees and are 50 minutes in length. They cover a single subject with a question & answer session following the lecture. The lecture is supported by an accompanying power-point slide presentation. The Q&A session is engaging and can be quite lively!

On-site Lectures

Lisa Lund, CRC, MFT is an accomplished trainer and sought-after speaker, known for her energetic and entertaining presentations for both lay and professional audiences including corporate settings, universities, conferences and community agencies. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC 9916) and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT 33393) with over 15 years of counseling experience.

Lisa is a Senior Master Certified Gottman Counselor and Workshop Leader directly trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and is an active member of The Gottman Institute Speaker Bureau. She utilizes the research-based approach of Gottman trainings and exercises combined with structured rehabilitation methodologies to help employers improve the interpersonal dynamics and communication of workers and managers alike.

Learn more about Lisa Lund, CRC, MFT.

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Seminars & Trainings for Business

...based on the

Relationship Research of Dr. John Gottman

Healthy Work & Home Relationships

...Make for Good Business Relationships!

Seminar Presentation Topics for Home Relationships

Healthy home relationships can buffer a busy employee from a stressful job and that benefits everyone. We teach the research-based principles of Gottman’s The Sound Relationship House along with concrete tools to keep family relationships, with partner/spouse and children healthy and happy. Topics include:

The Sound Relationship House

In this engaging presentation and interactive seminar, employees will get an inside look into Gottman's Relationship and Family Laboratory (a.k.a. "The Love Lab"), and will learn about the Seven Principles for Making Relationships Work. As we move through each level of the house, employees will gain insight on how to build a strong "emotional bank account" in their relationships that will help them recover from everyday irritability, regrettable comments or temporary emotional distance.

Managing External Stress

How you manage stress turns out to be very critical. Research has shown that couples who buffered their relationships from external stresses were able to maintain positive change over time. In this teaching you will learn how to make your relationship and home a safe harbor that absorbs external stress well.

Raising the Emotionally Intelligent Child

Learn how to recognize and use your child's emotional expression as an opportunity to teach them about emotion and problem solving. Based on John Gottman's book, "Raising the Emotionally Intelligent Child".  You will gain understanding of your parenting style and learn the five steps to emotion coaching your child. This seminar is relevant for parents of children at all ages.

The Intentional Family

Based on John Doherty's Book, "The Intentional Family", This training is about developing simple rituals to strengthen family ties. A ritual is defined as a meaningful and enjoyable connection that is repeated (can be counted on) and has significance for the family. There are many suggestions for rituals of connection in this training and ways to extend the concept to couples, parent-child, siblings and blended & extended families.

Learn to Process a Fight or Regrettable Incident

In this Manage Conflict exercise you will learn to repair a regrettable incident or fight. In this exercise you will take turns and follow six steps to help you have a second conversation that is better than the argument you had. This tool is a powerful one that can be applied to any relationship.

Dream Within Conflict

In the research on long term committed relationships some relationship conflicts were solvable and some were perpetual. That was true for all couples. Perpetual differences have to do with fundamental differences in personality that don't change much over time.  Happy couples learn to dialogue about their perpetual differences while unhappy couples get gridlocked. In The Dream Within Conflict exercise you will learn how to dialogue with a perpetual problem in a positive way that builds understanding and compassion.

The Art and Science of Love: Couples Weekend Retreat - 2 Day Workshop

This comprehensive, science-based couple and marriage workshop & retreat is appropriate for ALL committed couples. All of the ideas presented to you will be grounded in sound and extensive research brought to you from the Gottman Relationship Institute. You will learn what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable. No public discussion or disclosure is involved. All work is done as a couple. The Art and Science of Love Workshop is offered three times a year in Mill Valley, California. It’s also scheduled by arrangement at other locations. Some employers offer the Art and Science of Love Workshop to employees through their EAP programs (company benefits personnel should contact us for additional information).

Learn more about “The Art & Science of Love: Couples Weekend Workshop” at acouplesworkshop.com

Additional presentation topics are available. All presentation topics can be custom tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Contact us for further information.

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